Free Boilers West Midlands

Government Boiler Grants in the West Midlands

Free boiler grants are now available throughout the West Midlands and the UK. The A Grade condensing boilers which are energy efficient and lower the cost of gas central heating are available via the Government boiler upgrade & replacement grant scheme.

The boiler replacement grant scheme comes under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) - Affordable Warmth energy savings initiative. The central heating grant scheme was developed to lower gas bill and address harmful CO2 emissions across Scotland and the UK.

It is backed by the Government and major power companies including British Gas and Scottish Power.

Boiler Grants and funding for loft and cavity wall insulation are available for those on benefits, on low income or who live in fuel poverty areas. If you meet the grant qualification criteria for low income households and your existing gas boiler is not of the condensing boiler type - you can have a new, ECO friendly and energy efficient gas boiler installed for free, saving hundreds each year on domestic energy costs. New ECO Boilers can be installed in a matter of a few weeks.

Replacing your boiler - The Benefits

Energy efficient boilers are one of the main ways to cut down energy usage in the home. Up to 80% of your gas bill is spent on powering your boiler. If your boiler is old there is a chance that you are wasting a huge chunk of your money.

Replacing your old boiler with an A-rated high-efficiency  boiler and using heating controls can reduce your home's emissions - and could save you as much as £300 a year

Why are new boilers more efficient?

The main advantage that modern boilers have over older models is that they are  condensing boilers. Well maintained boilers burn fuel very efficiently.. A condensing boiler recovers more heat and sends cooler gases up the flue and is more efficient. Boiler replacement>>

Select your area within the West Midlands to claim a grant for a free boiler, loft insulation or cavity wall insulation 




Loft Insulation Grants

f your loft is not insulated properly, you are probably losing 25% of heat through your roof. Government grants for loft insulation are currently available for all home owners, landlords and private tenants who meet the criteria for Energy Company Obligation (ECO) Funding.  Free Loft Insulation>>


Cavity Wall Insulation - Benefits

Cavity Wall Insulation stops heat escaping out through the walls of your home. Around 35% of heat in the average home in the UK is lost through the outer walls of the house. Under the current Government Insulation Grants Scheme, hundreds of thousands of homeowners, landlords and private tenants qualify for a grant for cavity wall insulation.>

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