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ECO insulation grant in Scotland

Scottish Energy Grants provide access to Government funded grants for free cavity wall insulation and loft insulation throughout Scotland.

We provide a free home insulation survey and arrange  access to approved insulation companies who work under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) grant scheme.

If you qualify for a grant we provide all the paperwork and help with the application.

Applying for a grant is a quick and easy process which normally takes around three weeks from survey to the fitting of your insulation.

We have nearly 30 years experience in the loft and wall insulation survey industry and only work with approved insulation companies who have access to Government grants.

We service a large part of Scotland

We are located in MidLothian but service a large part of Scotland including the following:

  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow
  • Falkirk and Stirling area
  • Dundee
  • Scottish Borders
  • Ayrshire
  • Dumfries and Galloway
  • For Inverness, Aberdeen and the Highlands we can provide free insulation grants but we need to arrange several surveys before we can travel because of the distance. Please get in touch to find out more

We have now extended our service area and provide free insulation grants in the North West of England.

How does the grant scheme work?

The ECO insulation scheme is designed to tackle fuel poverty in Scotland and to help the environment by reducing carbon emissions. So there are really two routes to qualification.

If you are in receipt of certain benefits or Tax Credits you may qualify through the Affordable Warmth component of ECO. This is the part which is aimed at helping households with a lower income cope rising energy bills.

If you are not in receipt of benefits or tax credits your property may still qualify through the CERO component of the Government scheme. This is designed to reduce carbon emissions and is aimed at larger properties (detached and larger semi detached) ands properties which are off the gas grid.


Why should I insulate my home?

Heat loss in a house with no insulation
Heat loss in a house with no wall or loft insulation

If you do not have adequate insulation in your walls or loft your home is losing heat –  In an uninsulated home 25% of  heat is lost through the roof, and around 35% escapes through the outer walls. This means that a huge percentage of your heating costs are being wasted.

By insulationg your property you can save £100’s each year on unnecessarily high fuel bills. Your home will be easier to keep warm and you will be helping the environment by reducing carbon emissions.

Insulation acts as a protective barrier between your living space and the cold air outside your home. Mineral wool fibre is specially designed to stop the thermal transfer of heat to the outside through your walls and attic. The heat you generate from your heating system is kept within your house.

How can we help you?

To apply for free insulation you need to find out if you or your property qualify for a grant.  Scottish Energy Grants can help you get the ball rolling with your application. The application process is more straightforward than you you think. The stages involved are as follows

  • Home visit

    Provide us with a few contact details via the form and your preferred method of contact. An approved surveyor will make arrangements to visit you in your home.

  • Energy survey

    If you are eligible for a grant the surveyor will then carry out a quick survey of your home. This will include checks to find out if you already have loft and wall insulation.  For cavity wall insulation this will include using specialist equipment to look inside your walls.They will need to take a few photographs for verification and confirm any benefits you may receive.  At this stage you will sign a form to say you require a grant.They will then draw a plan for the insulation team which includes the location of your doors and windows and any health and safety concerns.

  • Fitting your insulation

    The insulation company will contact you to arrange a suitable date to fit your loft or cavity wall insulation

  • Sign off

    When you are happy with the installation you will be asked to “sign off” the install. Cavity wall insulation comes with a 25 year CIGA guarantee, which you will receive shortly after completion. Loft insulation carries a 40 year guarantee. If you are eligible for an ECO insulation grant you will not be asked to pay at any time. Thre is no payment required. ECO insulation grants are free.

Apply for free insulation now