Child Benefit Eligibility for ECO 4 Grants

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Child benefit claimants must provide evidence of earnings at the point of survey

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ECO4 Grants Child Benefit Eligibility

If a member of your household claims regular monthly or weekly child benefit your total household income Before Deductions must be below the relevant threshold.

We also require the following as proof if eligibility at the time of survey;

  • Child benefit awards notice, we need this to confirm the number of children at the property
  • Payslips/P60/P45 for each adult within the property – we need to have income evidence (before deductions) for the whole year
  • Recent bank statements showing the CB being paid into the account
  • Council tax bill or similar official document confirming adults at the property

Can you confirm your household earnings under the required threshold?
Unfortunately ECO 4 grants are only available for eligible households. If anyone who lives in your home claims another benefit please use the main benefit elegibility form at the following link.

ECO4 Grant Eligibility

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